Surprise your dad with 100% natural cosmetic products for men by The Inglorious Mariner

Father’s Day is near! The best way is to celebrate it in style. 

On March 19 remember to give a nice gift to your dad: we at The Inglorious Mariner have selected several ideas for a very special day dedicated to dad.

Is your dad an elegant or modern man? 

The Inglorious Mariner has the perfect gift for both a modern and elegant man! 

Men’s cosmetic products man plastic free for a modern dad 

For young dads with a modern style who like to have hair always in order, the most suitable gift is the Fixing Hair Spray – Molokay signed The Inglorious Mariner, with a strengthening effect and with ecological spray for hair no gas.
The strengths of our product? It dries quickly, ensures excellent tightness, non-greasy, does not weigh, leaves no residue and protects from damage caused by weather. The strong hold allows you to tame even the most rebellious hair and to give body and volume even to thin hair when used before drying on damp hair.  Thanks to the texture it is great for creating sculpted styles with the wide-toothed comb. Easy to use: perfect even for dads who have never thought to use a fixing spray for hair.

Men’s 100% natural cosmetic products for a stylish dad

For dads with impeccable style who like to be always cared for, perfect and leave a memory of themselves, the perfect gift is the men’s perfume-Jack signed The Inglorious Mariner, a fragrance strong and rich in character, that adapts to every occasion and does not abandon you throughout the day. 

Jack plastic free

Jack has an olfactory pyramid that allows to illustrate the temporal development of the fragrance:

  • Top notes: Red berries, lemon, orange, grapefruit. They are fresh notes, light and persist for a few minutes, those few minutes needed to trigger the desire to discover it. 
  • Heart notes: jasmine, cedar wood, black pepper, magnolia. More powerful notes and medium persistence. For a few hours they will intercept the smell of flowers, green notes…
  • Base notes: patchouli, tree moss, vetiver, amber. They spread very slowly but can persist for days, they express the personality of the perfume and on these notes we build our loyalty in use. 

Men’s vegan cosmetic products for all dads

Last but not least, we offer you our Plastic Free Shower Gel – Vetiver suitable for all skin and that provides an energizing effect.
To start or finish the day at its best fundamental is a nice relaxing shower, all dads should do it! That is precisely why we recommend our Vetiver body wash that has calming and soothing properties. 

Vetiver plastic free

A gift that combines design and sustainability 

The cosmetic world of The Inglorious Mariner takes shape from DELTA BKB, a company specialized since 1965 in the production of professional and natural cosmetic products.

The Inglorious Mariner offers a wide range of cosmetic products entirely dedicated to men and the care of beard, hair and body, but not only. The Inglorious Mariner products all have plastic free packs because our mission is ZERO PLASTIC. To reach this goal the path has been long, but product after product we have reached our goal. The packages are not only beautiful to keep in view in the bathroom, they are also virtuous: they have aluminum, paper and glass packaging and have no plastic components. 

In addition to packaging, The Inglorious Mariner is constantly committed to reducing its environmental impact even in shipments, using cardboard boxes and replacing the classic polystyrene with corn chips, the biodegradable solution!

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