The solid shampoo bar for men man by The Inglorious Mariner

The solid shampoo bar for men by The Inglorious Mariner is an ecological alternative with zero impact on the environment. It looks like a bar of soap but is a full-fledged shampoo and it can be used as a unique product for cleaning beard, mustache, hair and body.

Jawa Soap: all hair, beard and body care in a plastic-free package

JAWA Soap, which replaces Sandalwood Bar, is the new born in The Inglorious Mariner. New name, but same product: completely Made In Italy and Plastic Free. It is a multipurpose soap with the scent of sandalwood that comes from an ancient secret recipe used by sailors based on shea butter and sweet almond oil. A single complete product to be always included in your bag!

Let’s find out five good reasons to try it:

  1. Guaranteed professional quality
    We can assure you a great result, debunking the myth that with solid shampoo bar is more difficult to cleanse hair, beard and body. You will be able to get a rich and creamy foam.
  2. Packaging zero plastic
    The inglorious Mariner ecological solid shampoo bar is wrapped in a packaging that contains no plastic and can be completely recycled.
  3. Easy to transport and store
    Solid shampoo bar can be transported easily and in little space than traditional shampoo. Since it does not contain liquids, it can also be put into the aircraft hand luggage and it is perfect for optimizing the space of backpacks and bags.
  4. Protection of biodiversity and the aquatic environment
    The ecological solid shampoo bar by The inglorious Mariner perfectly matches our ZERO PLASTIC mission.
  5. Long life
    If stored properly, solid shampoo bar lasts a long time. In principle, a 100 gr solid shampoo allows you to do between 40 and 60 washes, much more than a 250 ml liquid shampoo bottle. Obviously the number of washes estimated for a package is indicative because it depends on several factors, such as the length of the hair, how thick they are…

After reading the five good reasons to try our multipurpose soap to the scent of Sandal by The Inglorious Mariner, now we understand together how to use it and store it to have an optimal result.

How to use the multipurpose soap scented sandal by The Inglorious Mariner

  1. Wet your hair, beard or body, and solid shampoo bar by rubbing it between your hands to create foam.
  2. Apply solid shampoo evenly. The feeling may be a little different than with traditional liquid shampoos, but the foam will have the same effect.
  3. We recommend applying the shampoo on your hands and not directly on the skin, beard or body to calibrate the best quantities.
  4. Continue massaging carefully, rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
  5. Finally, proceed with your favorite balm. For the beard we can recommend our Lilly balm.

The shaving balm Lilly by The Inglorious Mariner is a fragrant moisturizing balm that softens the beard allowing you to shape it. Even the pack of this product such as solid shampoo bar does not contain plastic.

How to store solid shampoo bar for men avoiding waste

  1. While applying your solid shampoo, remember to turn off the water.
  2. After using the multipurpose soap, carefully skim it to remove any residue. This will last longer.
  3. Store the solid shampoo bar on a soap holder and leave it exposed to the air until it is completely dry.
  4. Once dry, between washing, we recommend storing the shampoo in a protective container for a longer duration. If you are traveling, dry the soap and wrap it in paper before storing it in the beauty.

The cosmetic world of The Inglorious Mariner takes shape from DELTA BKB, a company specialized since 1965 in the production of professional and natural cosmetic products.The Inglorious Mariner offers a wide range of cosmetic products entirely dedicated to men and the care of beard, hair and body, but not only. All the products of the brand are entirely made in Italy and marry a philosophy of life completely sustainable.
These are natural and plastic free products, but above all they are products that contain a wide range of important active ingredients and essential beneficial essences to give completeness to the final product. Last but not least, The Inglorious Mariner product line is paraben, sulfate and petrolatum free, SLES and SLS free,silicone free and synthetic dyes free.

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