How to take care of the beard

The beard is the distinctive and characteristic element of every man: there are those who prefer to wear it short and some very long but we can say without any doubt that if treated properly they are all beautiful!

Doing a quick search on the web about how to cure your beard will pop out gigantic lists of tips and products. The market is full of accessories developed just for this eventuality, but the situations in which to make use of it are so many that in the end it is difficult to understand what can do for you.

Like hair, even beard needs specific care. In this article we will give you our best advice, whether you are in the early stages of growth, or you already have a thick beard to show off, to have a beautiful beard to see and well cared for.

Always remember that it is also affected by your state of health, so to facilitate its growth you must first of all follow a healthy lifestyle, that is a high vitamin diet and a good dose of sleep every night.

Beard Care Tips with Shaving Shampoo and Conditioner by The Inglorious Mariner

There are some actions that should become part of our daily beard care routine. Let’s see which ones together.

  • Cleanliness
    The first habit is to wash your beard regularly.
    It tends to accumulate dirt such as food, pollen and dust.
    To have a well-groomed beard it is undoubtedly essential to keep it clean, washing it when washing your face in the morning just wake up, where just a light wash and in the evening before going to bed. A deeper cleaning can be done in the shower, using a specific shampoo such as Amber Shaving Shampoo by The Inglorious Mariner. Scented with exotic oils such as Jojoba, Almonds, and Rice Bran, it is a softening product, ideal for cleaning the skin under the beard. It delays and avoids the formation of dandruff and helps to keep the skin of the face properly hydrated. In addition, it sanitizes the beard and mustache and eliminates the more persistent smells that the beard can absorb during the day. How to use our shaving shampoo? Before proceeding with the shaving shampoo moisten your beard with hot water or if you have some time available with a damp cloth to dilate the pores of the skin and soften the beard hair. In this way the product penetrates more. Apply a walnut of shaving shampoo on the hands and massage it on the beard, taking care to penetrate the product until it reaches the skin under the beard. Rinse with hot water.

Don’t forget to brush your beard at least once a day. The ideal time could be the morning before leaving the house: with a short brush, which usually hairdressers use to remove hair from the neck and shoulders after cutting. We are talking about a brush and not a comb because combing the beard could irritate the skin since the hair is stretched and stressed.

  • Nutrition

Usually after redefining or cutting the beard, it is essential to moisturize the skin with a conditioner. The use of a good conditioner is the key to having a smooth and soft skin. Let’s not forget, in fact, that beard care is linked to facial skin care. Therefore, after each cutting operation it is important to apply a balm.

As conditioner we at The Inglorious Mariner recommend LILLY BEARD BALM.

It is a super moisturizing balm that softens the beard allowing you to shape it to your liking. Inside there are exotic oils, sweet almonds and an active ingredient that takes care of the skin under the beard.
How to use our shaving cream? To obtain a moisturizing effect, take a walnut of shaving balm and apply it on the beard massaging gently for 15-20 minutes.

  • Cut

Being a hair, the beard grows getting a basically frizzy appearance, but above all little defined. It is therefore necessary to shorten and define it correctly, as well as treat it with balsams that make it more manageable and soft to the touch. In how to cure the beard, the cut is therefore a rather important issue.

To shape the beard it is important to rely on expert hands who know how to properly use the trimmer, scissors and comb, which should be made of wood, as for the hair. The plastic comb, in fact, produces electrostatic charges that tend to dirty the beard as they attract the lint of wool clothing, such as sweaters and scarves.

What can be done autonomously is shaving with electric razor in the parts of the face that you have decided to leave clean. The choice of the shaver is very wide and undoubtedly it is an entirely personal preference: you can switch from electric shaver, freehand shaver, safety shaver and disposable shaver.

  • Feeding

Nutrition is a little discussed but very important chapter for the health of the beard. There are no magic fruits or secret ingredients: everything is in a well-balanced and varied diet. Essential are the fats of the Omega group, including in your diet dried fruit, salmon and avocado, while for vitamins just increase the amounts of dried fruit and vegetables!

The cosmetic world of The Inglorious Mariner takes shape from DELTA BKB, a company specialized since 1965 in the production of professional and natural cosmetic products.

The Inglorious Mariner offers you a wide range of cosmetic products entirely dedicated to men and beard care, hair care and body care, but not only. All the products of the brand are entirely made in Italy and combine a philosophy of life completely sustainable. These are natural and plastic free products, but above all they are products that contain a wide range of important active ingredients and essential beneficial essences to give completeness to the final product. Last but not least, the line of products The Inglorious Mariner is paraben, sulfate and petrolatum-free, SLES and SLS-free, silicone-free and synthetic dyes.

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