How to grow, cut and maintain a “Yeard”, a 12-month-long beard

Welcome 2023! A new year has arrived and we are all ready with good intentions and a desire for change. Many of you may think about shaving your beard, others instead of not shaving and growing your beard for the next 12 months, reaching a goal that most of the male universe has only dreamed of: the glorious “Yeard“, a new trend in the male look.

The phenomenon of the “Yeard”: what it is and how to achieve it 

It happens to a lot of people to stretch their beards without even realizing it. But this is not the case of the “Yeard”, because you have to wait a year to grow it and that’s why it is called Yeard, in which the initial letter of the word Beard is replaced by the Y of the word Year becoming Yeard, so a beard that grows in a year.

But apart from this curious play on words, the Yeard is an uninterrupted year of growth of the beard, without altering it even by a hair. This style of beard is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment, courage and a determination of steel to let the beard do its duty for 365 days.

Growing a beard for a whole year will change you and not only in the sense that in the end you will have a long and flowing beard. The process of growing facial hair for so long will test you. It will push you out of your comfort zone. You will endure awkward phases. Your confidence will be tested and your ego will take some blows. But at the end of the 12 months, you will join an exclusive club of “bearded legends”. And we at The Inglorious Mariner, experts in Made in Italy beard cosmetics, are here to support you at every stage of the process.

There is a common misconception among men who grow beards for a full year. Many of them, in fact, believe that they will have to sacrifice cleanliness and overall appearance to reach 12 months of beard. Of course that’s not true. You can keep your beard clean and perfect everyday of your journey to the “Yeard”, thanks to our valuable tips and professional beard products. We suggest you divide the annual growth cycle into three main phases. Let’s see them together.

Initial growth phase of the “Yeard”

On average, facial hair grows about 1.25 centimeters per month, which means that in a year it will reach 15 centimeters! Some beards can grow much faster, others more slowly. There are a number of factors that affect the rate at which the beard grows, such as genetic and nutritional differences, lifestyle and so on. The initial growth period for your “Yeard” goes from the day you decide to take on this challenge to the first 3-5 months. 

And it is in these weeks that you will face the ups and downs of the “childish phase” of your “Yeard”. How to raise a child, it takes patience and effort. New hairs on your face may cause itching and your beard will look uneven. A little itching in the first two months is almost inevitable: it’s normal and will pass, don’t let your one-year beard project discourage you! Be sure to thoroughly wash your new beard with professional beard care products and apply some long beard oil. If your new beard is patchy, do not be alarmed, there is nothing wrong! Within a few weeks the facial hair will connect with each other and fill in the gaps.

Intermediate phase of the “Yeard”

Between 6 to 9 months you will be in the middle band of your “Yeard”. At this point the length of your beard has grown to cover your neck and there is a general visual sense of greater length. This is also when you start to wonder if your beard growth has stopped. We can assure you: it certainly did not stop! Curly beards will look much thicker as they have curled inward and created a more voluminous appearance. Once you get here, you may wonder if you want to continue until the end of the year. A general rule of thumb is to wait one day for every month you’ve grown a beard: you’ll be able to think things through and avoid any rash decisions. Annual progress images are fun to watch and will help you in times of discomfort. If taking a photo every day takes too much, try to take at least one every week. Being able to see the progress will help you on your journey to the “Yeard”!

Final phase of the “Yeard”

You are in the finishing stretch when you reach the tenth month. You have passed the most difficult period and your beard looks portly. The last 3 months will be quite. You will still see a few inches of growth. To get the most out of your “Yeard”, you’ll want to just tap or trim your beard so you can reap the fruits of a whole year of uninterrupted growth.

Your beard has entered a new phase of its life once you reach the coveted milestone of the year. Now you can decide what you want to do with it. Or it was a great experiment for you and you can resize it. Or you can continue to the borders of bearded excellence, reaching the “Tweard”! Anyway, you’ve earned the right to do whatever you want with your beard. And in the end, whatever helps you feel more confident is the right move.

Tips for a healthy and thick long beard

If you are going to embark on this crazy journey, we have collected a few small tricks for you. A long beard like this needs a lot more attention than a short beard, clearly. Nothing complicated though, since everything can be summarized in 4 steps:

  1. Wash: the “Yeard” should not be washed every day. 2-3 washes with a mild shampoo per week are more than enough.
  2. Untangle: to do this you will need a comb or brush, to be able to remove the impurities of the beard and distribute the oils that are produced by the skin for protective purposes.
  3. Moisturize and protect: you need to apply 4-5 drops of shaving oil on the “Yeard”, making sure that it reaches the root of the hair. The oil must be applied daily, even twice a day if necessary.
  4. Tick: this step is essential to have a “Yeard” always tidy. Usually a trim every 2/4 weeks with a razor or scissors can be enough.

Discover the natural products by The Inglorious Mariner to grow and keep your beard healthy and shiny

The Inglorious Mariner offers a wide range of natural men’s cosmetics for beard, hair and body. All the products of the brand are entirely made in Italy and marry a philosophy of life completely sustainable. These are men’s plastic free cosmetics that contain a wide range of important active ingredients and essential beneficial essences to give completeness to the final product. The entire line signed The Inglorious Mariner is paraben, sulfate and petrolatum free, without SLES and SLS, without silicones and synthetic dyes.

Kit beard man professional by The Inglorious Mariner: Shaving Shampoo Amber + Oil Nourishing shaving Vanilla

The kit beard plastic free paraben-free by The Inglorious Mariner is suitable for all types of beards and includes Amber Beard Shampoo 100 ml and Vanilla beard oil 30 ml.

With a unique and refined fragrance, Amber Beard Shampoo by The Inglorious Mariner is a softening product based on exotic oils such as jojoba, almonds and rice bran, ideal for cleaning the skin under the beard. It delays and prevents the formation of dandruff and helps to keep the face skin properly hydrated. In addition, it cleans the beard and mustache and eliminates the most persistent odors that the beard can absorb during the day.

How to use Amber Beard Shampoo? Before proceeding with Amber natural beard shampoo, moisten the beard with warm water or if you have time with a damp cloth to dilate the pores of the skin and soften the beard hair. In this way the product penetrates more. Then, apply a knob of shaving shampoo on your hands and massage it on your beard, taking care to penetrate the product until it reaches the skin under the beard. Rinse with warm water.

Beard oil is an indispensable product because it moisturizes and softens the beard, making it thicker and healthier at the same time. It also helps to comb it more easily and make it fragrant. Thanks to this oil, not only the beard will always be cured, but will be eliminated both the annoying sensation of itching, both the formation of dandruff. Shaving oil, finally, can be used to stimulate the growth of hair and to make them stronger.

Vanilla beard oil by The Inglorious Mariner is incredibly nourishing and designed to soften the hair of the rough beard, thanks to its moisturizing formula that contains vitamin A, sweet almonds and rice bran. Its scent is a cocktail of ripe citrus and spices that dance between the flowers of lily of the valley and jasmine, simply inimitable.

How to use Vanilla beard oil? After using Amber beard shampoo, dry and, if necessary, brush your beard thoroughly. Pour a few drops of shaving oil on the palm of your hands. For a medium/long beard pour a larger amount. Distribute the product on the beard and mustache. For more nourishment, moisten the beard with warm water and then apply Vanilla. It is advisable to use this beard oil during the day whenever the beard is dry.

After a few daily uses of our beard shampoo and natural beard oil combo, your beard will be beautiful and strong as ever!

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