BORA BORA, KILAUEA and EAT&KISS: three new natural cosmetics presented by The Inglorious Mariner at Cosmoprof 2023

From 16 to 20 March 2023, the 54th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the world’s leading B2B trade fair for the entire cosmetics and professional beauty industry, was held.

Over 250.000 visitors came from 153 different countries; 2.984 exhibitors, demonstrating once again the prosperity of the sector.

The crew of The Inglorious Mariner also took part and took the opportunity to present the latest arrivals in the range of products created by bearded men for bearded men: BORA BORA shiny hair modeling wax, KILAUEA clay modeling paste and EAT&KISS beard, mustache and hand sanitizing wipes.
If you have not had the pleasure of visiting us at our booth, do not worry: in this article we will review the three new natural cosmetics dedicated to the male universe by The Inglorious Mariner.

Our line of natural products

Before delving into the product specifications, we remind you that at The Inglorious Mariner we offer a whole line of cosmetic products designed for men and for the care of his beard, his hair and his body.

Our plus? All our products are: 

  • extremely natural;
  • enriched with a series of active ingredients and beneficial essences essential to give completeness to the final product;
  • without parabens, sulphates and petrolatum, without SLES and SLS, without silicones and synthetic dyes;
  • packaging 100% plastic free.

Do you want to take care of your person in a completely natural way? Read on and discover how you can implement your routine with our new cosmetics.


BORA BORA is a water-based polishing wax designed to give shape and fix your hair and thus obtain an elastic and shiny hairstyle.

Being enriched with moisturizing and nourishing properties, we propose it as a replacement product to a traditional hair gel as it allows you to fix your hair without damaging or drying it.

Its shiny finish and its special water-based formula give the hair a perfect wet look, ideal for your summer parties!

If you do not know how to use it, follow the advice of our sailors: use it to dry hair if you want to get a more classic effect, otherwise wet hair for a more natural and almost invisible style

In any case, we advise you to take a small amount and work it in the palm of your hand before application. If the hair was wet, complete with drying.



KILAUEA is a clay modeling paste designed to define and sculpt the hair and thus create flexible and moldable looks.

Thanks to its precious ingredients such as clay, discipline the hair while keeping it soft. 

Gives volume and allows you to create a hairstyle definitely brighter.

You will be intoxicated by its delicious fragrance!

For proper use of the product, sailors advise you to take a small amount of paste, then work it in the palm of your hand and finally apply it on dry hair according to the styling you want to get.

So if you are looking for a product that helps you fix your hair and that resists all day long, the modeling paste KILAUEA is the ideal product for you!



EAT&KISS is a pack of 5 bamboo sanitizer wipes designed to clean and perfume the beard, mustache and hands of bearded (but not only). 

It is the ideal product for those men like you who want to remove the bad smells that the beard or mustache can collect during meals or who simply want to sanitize their hands through a cleansing without water.

EAT&KISS sanitizing wipes are therefore the practical and quick solution for a delicate but effective cleaning, even when you are away from home

The oils inside them immediately offer a pleasant feeling of freshness and softness both to the hair of the beard and mustache and to the skin of the hands.
Using them is very simple: all you have to do is open the package and take out the wet towel, then massage it several times but gently on the beard and mustache and finally finish with the hygienization of the hands.


Our goal: ZERO plastic

We at The Inglorious Mariner are proud to say that, to date, we have come to embrace a COMPLETELY sustainable philosophy

In addition to natural ingredients, our products:

  • DON’T have dosers.
  • Have NO plastic components.
  • Have NO unnecessary components.
  • Have aluminum, paper and glass packs.

Our ZERO plastic goal has been realized: the pack of the The Inglorious Mariner line, and its shipments, are and will always be plastic free!

We are sailors and we come from the sea. We cannot create products that pollute it.

Join our crew!

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