BARBADOS and GOA: two new natural, revolutionary and effective cosmetics dedicated to the male universe by The Inglorious Mariner

Beauty routine: cosmetics dedicated to men are increasingly natural

Vanity is female, they say, but men are no less! Usually, when we talk about cosmetics, we immediately imagine a whole series of products that belong to the female universe. But let’s not forget that it is not the only present! In recent years, in fact, men are taking care of themselves more and more, filling bags, cabinets and drawers with cosmetics for the care of their body, beard and hair. The time when man “stole” products from his wife or partner is over! Today, man demands customized and targeted products, specially formulated for men’s skin and which respect the environment. This is why natural cosmetics are also made to measure for boys.

Currently, the production of cosmetics for men is more rich, lively and diversified than ever. Gone are the days when the only products were those for shaving or old grease: nowadays, in addition to being a considerable choice, there is also a clear distinction between common cosmetics and natural men’s cosmetics.

Male skin is different

In a fluid society, the differences between men and women are getting smaller and smaller. But this does not apply to the skin. In fact, male skin has different characteristics than female skin, which is why it requires specific cosmetic formulas. First, “his skin” is thicker and appears tighter and firmer. In addition, it has more sebaceous glands and is richer in hyaluronic acid and collagen, so it ages later but when it starts it does so faster and more visibly. Finally, it is fatter and perspires more, thus losing a lot of hydration. Men’s skin therefore needs a special and dedicated beauty treatment.

Natural men’s cosmetics by The Ingloriuos Mariner: maximum quality and environmental sustainability

Earning a special place in a man’s heart (and beauty case) is not easy. But not even impossible. What really matters is responding to some specific requirements such as quality, results, lightness, ease of use and last but not least, attention to the environment.

The Inglorious Mariner experience is one of a kind: products for men, designed and created by men. A range of cosmetics with a high concentration of natural essences entirely dedicated to men and to the care of beard, hair and body, and more.

Recently The Inglorious Mariner has expanded its range of all-male professional cosmetics, presenting two new natural and extremely effective products: BARBADOS solid shaving soap and GOA stimulating & repigmenting lotion.

Barbados solid shaving soap

BARBADOS is a solid, extremely natural shaving soap with strong moisturizing and soothing properties, designed for a pleasantly scented shave. Contains shea butter, rice starch and Bergamot essential oil. It can be used in two ways: by passing it directly on the area to be shaved or alternatively by using a damp brush on the soap and then passing it on the face. The package is made of aluminum and can be reused indefinitely. Once the soap is finished, it is possible to buy the refill avoiding unnecessary waste and saving in terms of costs.

GOA stimulating and repigmenting lotion for hair and beard

The other revolutionary novelty from The Inglorious Mariner is GOA, a stimulating and repigmenting lotion for hair and beard. Contains an active extracted from Turmeric called capilia longa with a regenerative action capable of increasing the density of hair and beard hair. It is suitable for those looking for an anti-hair loss product or for those who want to quickly grow a beard and make it thicker. But the most innovative aspect of this product is certainly the repigmenting effect obtained thanks to the use of SILVER FREE which occurs on hair and beard. The presence of a biomimetic peptide allows the bulbs to be re-educated to produce melanin again. It is scientifically proven that the daily application of GOA on the skin is able to restore the hair and hair to their original color, eliminating the gray effect.

How to use GOA? Apply the GOA lotion on the skin once a day, taking care to let the product penetrate the skin. It is not necessary to apply it on the length of the hair or hair as the active acts at the level of the bulbs. Massage on the affected area and do not rinse. Indifferent to use on dry or damp hair. Daily application is required for at least 3 months to notice how the hair or beard hair will return to its original color.

Plastic free men’s cosmetics by The Inglorious Mariner

The packages of The Inglorious Mariner are not only beautiful to keep in sight in the bathroom, they are also virtuous: they do NOT have dispensers, they do NOT have plastic components, they do NOT have superfluous components and they have the pack in aluminum, paper and glass. The Inglorious Mariner‘s mission is ZERO PLASTIC. It was a long way to reach this goal, but product after product, the goal has been achieved. They are entirely made in Italy and embrace a completely sustainable philosophy of life. These are extremely natural products that contain within them a wide range of important active ingredients and essential beneficial essences to give completeness to the final product. The product lines are without parabens, sulphates and petrolatum, without SLES and SLS, without silicones and synthetic dyes.

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